This animated video about therapy explains while welcoming its audience in.

Baylor College of Medicine in collaboration with the Michael E. DeBakey Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston runs ACT Find Your Path single day workshops and other programs where leaders need to communicate the essential concepts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy efficiently and effectively. The workshops include participants from many walks of life–especially veterans and many participants with chronic medical issues. Participants benefit immensely from the injection of some humor and the easy way for kicking off discussion on specific topics that short animated videos provide.

The set of animated therapy videos including this one are the outcome of sophisticated work by our scripting, project management, illustration and animation team members in collaboration with Baylor project leaders who are experts in this content and the audiences for it. Together, we worked to understand and visualize the essence of each of the core ACT skills–such things as clarifying and living by your own values; knowing when something is and isn’t working for you, and being present and aware, the subject of this video in the series.

Prior to these shorter videos, we also created an animated ACT therapy overview video that communicates what ACT is overall–making for a highly usable set of videos.

Animated videos about therapy – or other training topics

If training is an important part of what you do, you can use short videos like this to add an engaging training component, including using them to kick off discussion, as Baylor does. Training participants can also return to the videos later on for reinforcement and can share them with others, thereby increasing the impact of the training. This is easy if they are placed on a single website as Baylor has developed with the help of MiniMatters.

See our health and medical video services and animated video services for more examples of how we’ve worked with subject matter experts. Whatever health and medical video products you need, we’re here to help you succeed with the expertise required.

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