This Therapy Explainer Video about “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” uses custom whiteboard animation to clearly explain this therapy method.

MiniMatters created this Therapy Explainer Video about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for a team at the Baylor College of Medicine and the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center. This team are leaders in developing and conducting research on one-day workshops in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy geared for patients with limited time and access to more extensive psychotherapy.

Critical to the success of this video project was working closely with the Baylor team and developing a sophisticated understanding of the nuances of the subject matter, which could then be brought into the scripting with a story and visuals suited for communicating with their target audiences.

Together with six additional animated videos focusing on particular aspects of the therapy–for example, this video on living with difficult thoughts and feelings–the project provides material to introduce patients and trainees to ACT in a way that is concrete and relatable. These videos will support dynamic in-person and virtual trainings by providing a stimulus to kick off discussions as well as allow for variation in presentation formats.

Clearly explain new or complex medical information to patients

The MiniMatters team, which includes expert project managers, script writers and animators, has produced a number of animated medical videos introducing new healthcare approaches, therapies, and treatments. Examples include this animated video on a patient priorities-aligned approach to healthcare for patients with multiple chronic conditions and this medical animation video used by a doctor to explain a cancer treatment to patients.

Check out our health and medical video services for more examples. We film virtually and in-person, too. Whatever health and medical video products you need, whether a single video or larger video package, we’re here to help you succeed with the expertise required.

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