This diabetes video uses animation in ways that are helpful for a national organization with diverse health centers as its members.

In 2019, Federally-qualified health centers served by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) operated with over 252,000 health care providers and staff, treating over 30 million patients from every U.S. state, territory, and the District of Columbia. This amounted to 1 in 11 people across the country. Improving the quality of the care delivered through this network can therefore have an enormous impact, and is a significant focus for NACHC.

Because diabetes is an enormous and growing health problem for patients at these centers, NACHC chose to focus the animated video above, which was part of a recent animated video series, on diabetes control. The crisp animation and professional voiceover of this video enable staff from diverse health centers to obtain the same clear understanding of the importance of prioritizing diabetes care as well as an awareness of two key NACHC resources that will assist them in improving the quality of their diabetes care.

Animated videos are an effective health communications tool, especially given COVID and HIPAA regulations

Animated videos have proven to be highly effective in communicating health care messaging and concepts. In fact, with COVID-19 and HIPAA regulations combining to make filming or photographing patients more complex, animated videos have become an even more in-demand health communications tool.

In this video, animations communicate key points that will stick with center staff.

  • One animation demonstrates the size and projected growth of the diabetes problem.
  • One demonstrates the use of care teams in diabetes care.
  • Others communicate the importance of teamwork with each staff member working on improvements in their area of specialty in NACHC’s Value Transformation Framework.
  • Another shows the key NACHC resources for diabetes control.

The most important points are narrated as well as shown visually, a powerful combination.

Animated medical videos, like this diabetes video, come in many varieties

This diabetes video is just one type of animated medical video that MiniMatters creates. Check our portfolio to find a wide variety of examples, including an animated medical treatment video, an animated public health video from powerpoint slides, an animated medical certification board video, and more!

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