An Inclusion Camp Video, featuring a compelling success story, shows how the program and curriculum helped campers grow and thrive.

In this Inclusion Camp Video, we see a young person convey in rich detail, and with accompanying photos and video, the impact a program—Melwood’s Camp Accomplish, had on his life over many years. His storytelling itself vividly demonstrates his transformation.

MiniMatters also focused on telling Melwood’s story of the difference it has made in the lives of many more individuals and families through a variety of carefully designed programs, outstanding staff, and a commitment to inclusion.

Does your organization have a compelling story to share?

If your organization is doing great work, it’s important to show it to people and tell the story visually—which can have a significant impact on fundraising, opportunities to build partnerships, recruitment of program participants and volunteers, and more.

MiniMatters’ video production and marketing professionals have produced a wide variety of storytelling videos. Examples from our portfolio include this Benevon Video which showcases another Melwood program, AbilIT, through the stories of an employer and a highly skilled tech employee with a disability. This Vaccination Campaign Video tells the compelling story of rural pharmacists helping homebound patients by bringing the vaccinations to them.

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