A Lifetime Contribution Award Video is a great way to recognize and share the full span of a person’s contributions to your organization.

Especially with the advent of virtual conferences and events, presenting a lifetime contribution award with a video can be a wonderful way to create a special moment in your virtual program. The Conference of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) did just this during their annual Law Seminar, which was virtual for 2021. They traditionally award a Lifetime Contribution Award, and decided to prepare a video this year to more fully convey appreciation and recognition to the recipient.

CCAL provided MiniMatters with:

  • personal and professional photos of the awardee over the years and in various locations;
  • some self-filmed testimonial clips from past colleagues and mentees; and
  • a script.

MiniMatters pulled it all together with a professional voiceover and editing. Although simple to produce without any filming, the video received very positive comments for adding warmth to the event, conveying the personality of the awardee, and providing the awardee with well-deserved recognition for a lifetime of contributions.

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