Virtual conference videos created from a Zoom-based event are an excellent way to gain more reach and benefits from your speaker content.

The University of Maryland – Baltimore Office of Planned Giving hosted a day-long webinar focused on four key aspects of estate planning in celebration of “Wills Week.” Because of careful planning for production of a set of four virtual conference videos, one of which is seen here, the content lives on in many ways that are useful for the planned giving office.

For instance, the resulting package of four virtual conference videos can be shared with existing and potential donors and alumni as a valued educational tool, deepening connections around estate planning. The videos are also featured on the Wills Week website where this high-quality material can be searched and accessed as needed for those interested in estate planning topics.

MiniMatters supported the Office of Planned Giving in achieving their goals by:

  • Assisting in the selection of the webinar platform for the event based on priorities of UMB;
  • Working through webinar setup and registration logistics;
  • Providing the UMB team with a “game plan” for running the event;
  • Meeting in advance with the online meeting hosts and each speaker, and coaching them so they looked and sounded their best online;
  • Providing virtual event technical assistance on the day of the event;
  • Editing each online presentation video for a consistent look and feel, and adding the University’s branding for a finishing touch;
  • Creating SEO-friendly YouTube descriptions as well as closed captioning for the videos, and uploading the videos to the Office’s YouTube Channel.

If your organization hosts virtual events with speakers whose content has high value (and those speakers are agreeable to this), you might consider ways that you could turn this content into videos that would help meet other goals, including building community, enhancing education, and generating support for your cause.

MiniMatters can help your virtual events go seamlessly. To discuss your virtual meeting, conference, symposium, or other video needs, request an estimate. We’re here to help you get the most from your online meetings and events!

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