A Military Sexual Trauma Video raises awareness and showcases a program that empowers survivors to reclaim their lives.

Military Sexual Trauma, also known as MST, is an invisible wound impacting countless veterans and their families. Our client Melwood designed the program Operation Tohidu™ to help affected veterans heal their MST.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this program, this video features the voices and personal stories of actual participants. These stories also help to raise awareness of the issue of Military Sexual Trauma, the extent of it both past and present, and the need for more program slots like those in Operation Tohidu™.  Footage from the program in action–the engaging activities led by skilled staff and facilitators at an outstanding retreat facility–also helps to provide an important visual sense of what the program is like and why it is effective.

Care and compassion in storytelling about highly sensitive topics

As a women-owned and operated firm with video producers with many years of interview experience, MiniMatters was able to take on and conduct these sensitive interviews in a way that enhanced the program and healing for the women. We were told that the women felt safe and comfortable with having our crew onsite during the program retreat and that led to the women being able to share the stories they wanted to tell.

Other samples demonstrating our care in enabling program participants  to tell their stories include this Intimate Conversation Video for the Tourette Association of America featuring a son with Tourette Syndrome and his mother and this Program Impact Video involving high school participants in the National Academy of Engineering’s Engineer Girl program.

If you want to show the effectiveness of your organization’s programs, MiniMatters can create a similar video with your participants. Simply request an Estimate to begin exploring your specific needs and goals.

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