A Program Impact Video allows you to incorporate your organization’s most compelling activities into your event—in this case a program with demonstrated success in bringing girls and young women into the engineering field.

Like many organizations, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) had to make their signature event of the year into a virtual event. This is an event at which they induct new members and recognize their various categories of donors, and where those selected for the honor of Academy membership enjoy the in-person dinner in Washington, DC and interacting with peers from across the country.  As a result, they needed exciting content that would help minimize how much people would miss the event.

This program impact video featuring one of NAE’s signature programs, EngineerGirl, did just that by sharing the stories of participants in two key NAE programs who had gone on to prestigious engineering programs or intended to do so, and who had also shared their love of engineering with girls by implementing their own projects, despite the obstacles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was just the sort of heartwarming triumph that inspired at this difficult time, and the type of demonstration of effective impact that members and donors like to see. The video featured a combination of virtual interviews filmed by MiniMatters and video footage and photos obtained before the pandemic.

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