A Patient Education Video supports patients, their families, and caregivers before, after, and between medical appointments. This sort of video is a valuable tool for patient advocacy organizations, as well as hospitals and medical practices.

Videos like this Patient Education Video for the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network add value because they:

  • Address cutting edge topics in easy-to-digest bites;
  • Teach patients what to change in do-able steps;
  • Are viewable by patients, their families, and support teams at their convenience;
  • Can be replayed to help viewers remember specific points;
  • Educate patient support teams who may not have gone to medical appointments; and
  • Lead viewers to your organization’s video channel or website for more resources and engagement.

In this way, video can build the health education library of your patient advocacy organization, hospital, or health care institution. MiniMatters produces other format of medical and health videos, too. We work closely with our clients to produce the videos that best fit their needs, audience, and budget.

In the sample video, the goal was to help patients with bladder cancer, along with their caregivers, gain better nutrition. Viewers can enjoy the bright kitchen setting while watching the nutritionist create taste-tempting dishes and provide healthy eating tips. After several recipes, the video invites viewers to visit the website for more recipes and resources for bladder cancer patients.

Does your health care practice, hospital, or medical organization aim to empower patients to make changes supporting their health? Consider a Patient Education Video by requesting a free estimate from MiniMatters.

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