A Pesticide Mixing Video helps Virginia Cooperative Extension promote its Virginia Tech Spray Water Assessment Program (VT-SWAP).

The video communicates that the effectiveness of pesticides depends, in part, on the quality of the water used to make pesticide solutions. If those solutions don’t work as expected, farmers can lose valuable time and money. Hence, it is important for agricultural producers to test their water, a service that VT-SWAP provides with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

An illustration and animation style to show the surface and what’s beneath it

To communicate about this topic to the audience, our design team employed an isometric style of illustration and animation. This allows us to show a 3-dimensional view of the soil geology, water and weather in a way that connects with the priorities of the farmers and producers as well as the topic at hand. If your subject matter is in the scientific or mechanical fields and may benefit from highlighting different layers and their actions, this style might work well for your organization, too.

Like this video, MiniMatters has produced many others that explain and promote a program in ways suited to the programs’ target audiences. A few examples from our portfolio include this Baylor College of Medicine Therapy Program Promotion Video, this American Diabetes Association – Therapeutic Inertia Video, and this World Bank – WeFi Video.

With our expertise in education, MiniMatters is happy to work with university extension programs or to help explain and promote whatever program your organization aims to highlight.

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