A Publications Video can market your publishing company’s specialty services and areas of expertise.

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AIP Publishing, a specialty scientific publisher, wanted to heighten the interest and loyalty of current scientific societies using AIP Publishing as their publisher, while reaching out to new potential scientific society clients.

In this video, MiniMatters used animation to show the core idea that selecting the right publishing company helps to vitalize publications as well as membership for scientific societies. Using both photos and animated scenes of collaboration and results, the video demonstrates that AIP Publishing uniquely understands the publishing needs of scientific societies.  The photos, especially, are evidence of its history and participation in the same world as its customers.

A fun touch was creating a character to match a well-known and long-standing customer, who provides a testimonial and who is shown blasting into space “launching” a new product. In this way, animation can be used for humor and storytelling with actions happening that are not possible in real life.

Video to Market Your Publications

A publications video like this one can be used to:

  • showcase your publishing capacity and expertise;
  • share testimonials from happy customers; and
  • build your brand with potential new clients and strengthen it with existing ones.

Does your publishing company, scientific society, medical association, research institution, university, or professional association need to market your publishing capacity?

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