An animated video about the safe disposal of medical sharps reminds patients and their caregivers of three steps to keep themselves and others safe. Sharps can include needles, syringes, lancets, infusion sets, auto-injectors (including epinephrine injectors), and connection needles/sets.

Safety Is the Point” is a free public education campaign supported by a coalition of leading biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to help keep people safe. Millions of “sharps” are disposed of each year and, when not disposed of properly, people might get injured. This video helps at-home users of medical sharps know how to safely dispose of these medical devices.

Showing “3 Easy Steps,” this simple video conveys steps sharps users must take when disposing of their medical devices. MiniMatters created two versions of this video — this shorter version and a longer, more detailed version. MiniMatters often creates two versions of videos so that clients have short videos suitable for social media and longer more comprehensive videos for websites or events.

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How can your organization show or explain important information to others? Check out our portfolio for samples, including this diabetes education video for healthcare providers and this video showing parents how to organize an Individualized Education Program binder for school meetings.

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