A custom animated Transit Signal Priority Video serves a public-education role by showing how this innovative traffic system works.

Transit Signal Priority is an important method of speeding up bus transit for commuters, alleviating traffic, reducing energy consumption by public buses, and allowing emergency vehicles to get their destinations faster and more safely. This video serves a public-education role for our client, the City of Alexandria, Virginia, and complements other City communications on the topic at its website.

This fully customized Transit Signal Priority Video explains how an approaching bus triggers an upcoming traffic signal to turn green, thus facilitating the flow of transit. The video visually sets the scene in Alexandria, Virginia, by including the City’s own DASH Electric Buses to featuring well-known city landmarks.

A custom video can show your transit agency or transit authority’s innovative projects

State, regional, and local transit authorities all have important messages to communicate to their riders, funders, and communities. Clear, well-scripted, and beautifully designed videos such as this one provide the transit agencies and authorities with a compelling way to communicate with their stakeholders.

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