When your audience, clients, or customers are Spanish speakers – and especially if English is a second language – producing video in Spanish is key to communicate your services and products.

Our client, SCORE, is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping all kinds of U.S. small businesses start, grow, and thrive. Before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, small firms owned by Latinos were already facing barriers to prosperity. Latino-owned businesses are more likely to be start-ups, have higher credit risks, and thus, have limited ability to secure affordable capital. This challenge can translate into more vulnerability to the pandemic’s economic effects: only 11% of small businesses in majority-Latino communities had more than 14 cash-buffer days in 2019, a JPMorganChase study shows.

Given these barriers and other alarming COVID-era business reports, SCORE knew it needed to have videos in Spanish to reach these small business owners. Combining a wide range of business owner photos, animation, and carefully crafted text and narration, MiniMatters produced this Spanish language video. MiniMatters also provided the translation and Spanish language voiceover.

We also produced related 30-, 60-, and 90-second videos in English for SCORE’s Small Business Resilience Hub. When created together, MiniMatters can produce videos in other languages at only a small marginal cost difference – so they’re a great add-on to a project, with large potential impact.

If you need to reach Spanish-speaking audiences, MiniMatters can work with you to create a professional video to help meet your communication goals. We can also produce videos in many other languages (just ask), including videos in American Sign Language (ASL).

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