A Video Tribute can honor a long-term visionary contributor and inspire others to support your mission, too.

The Foundation for the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine wanted a unique way to honor Mary D’Alton, MD. Her vision and long-term contributions have shaped and strengthened both the Foundation and the Society over many years. Board members came up with the idea for this surprise Video Tribute which formed the emotional centerpiece of an evening event in her honor. To create the video, MiniMatters included testimonials filmed at the Society’s 39th annual conference in Las Vegas as well as testimonials filmed by a team at Columbia University who matched the background and look of the Las Vegas setting. By incorporating testimonials from Society members of various ages, backgrounds and connections to Dr. D’Alton, the video was able to convey perspectives and showcase stories that communicated the multi-dimensional nature of Dr. D’Alton’s character and impact.

A Video Tribute can be used in different ways, such as:

  • Surprise and honor a long-term contributor or someone who has given above and beyond, in a deeply meaningful way;
  • Be a memorable culmination to a live online celebration event or in-person celebration or gala;
  • Inspire others to donate to your organization in the featured person’s honor.

MiniMatters can obtain testimonials for this type of video from online video interviews or through contributors doing their own filming. Or, when people are able to gather in the same location, we can gather a large number of testimonials at once, as we did in this case. This is a fairly easy and quick type of video to put together by combining the video testimonials with other footage and photos of the honoree.

Videos like this can also honor those who have given so much to your organization after their passing.

If you’d like to honor a special person, a Video Tribute could be your answer. We’re happy to discuss your needs and possible solutions – just request an estimate.

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