“Why I Give” Videos are a critical backbone of fundraising and donor stewardship for nonprofits and foundations. Below we feature one such “Why I Give” video and share tips to make these videos impactful.

Our client, the Infectious Diseases Society of America Foundation, wanted to have a peer-to-peer outreach video showing why ID doctors contribute to the Foundation. Featuring a peer in a “Why I Give” video can be a powerful incentive for others in the same profession or community to give. While this sample video is less than one minute, MiniMatters also produces longer storytelling videos about why people give, such as this one for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Your stakeholders share “Why I Give” in their own words

“Why I Give” videos are first-hand testimonial videos from your organization’s donors and supporters. These videos are impactful because they share the authentic voices of individuals who are committed to your mission. They also tap into the reasons why people give, providing a chance for that motivation to resonate with the viewer.

Short testimonial “Why I Give” videos such as this one are:

  • easy to produce. Because these videos are testimonial clips from real people, they are relatively easy to produce — and your viewers won’t be expecting a super fancy video.
  • relatively inexpensive. All you really need is the video clip from the person, plus some basic graphics such as the “lower third” with the person’s name and affiliation, your branding, and a closing call-to-action.
  • authentic. Real people and real voices are persuasive, believable, and effective. Remember, though, that you may need to coach people a bit in their responses to ensure that responses are pithy and on-point to your message.

More “Why I Give” video examples

This Giving Tuesday video for the American Chemical Society (ACS) is another short testimonial video featuring a distinguished professor and an early-career professional. If you’d like to see other longer storytelling “Why I Give” videos, check out these examples for the University of Baltimore School of Nursing and School of Law.

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