This women entrepreneurship video highlights how IFC helps close the funding gap for female-led startups, especially in emerging markets.

Our client, the IFC/World Bank Group, wanted to incentivize greater investment in women-led businesses after they participated in “accelerator” programs that take existing businesses to the next level. In support of that goal, IFC launched IFC ScaleX—a performance-based initiative that awards up to $25,000 to business accelerators that have helped women-led companies in emerging markets raise equity financing. Since MiniMatters created earlier videos for IFC’s gender-equity programs, IFC reached out to MiniMatters to create the launch video for IFC ScaleX.

Do you work with or help support women entrepreneurs?

If your work focuses on finding financing or other resources for women entrepreneurs, or if you assist other target audiences, a similar video might help you, too.

  • MiniMatters can help you produce a launch video for your new program.
  • MiniMatters can help explain complex ideas and programs in more understandable ways. In this case, MiniMatters explained how a financing gap exists and how IFC ScaleX seeks to close it.
  • We can write a carefully crafted script to tell your story and combine it with creative custom graphics and animation.

MiniMatters has created other women entrepreneurship videos, including this video to promote gender equity in international development and another video for IFC to help them launch a new portal for fund managers. And view our portfolio for more ideas, too.

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