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Video advertising — Is it in your nonprofit marketing toolkit?

Video advertising combined with great stories

Video advertising is a tool that nonprofits should dare to think about. It’s especially helpful for reaching new audiences and getting viewers to sign up or donate to your organization. SCORE is doing it with their videos.

Is […]

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Video Library – How to Build Yours by Filming at the Office–5 Tips

Video Library – How to Grow Yours with Office-Based Filming

Here are 5 tips that will help you succeed with office-based video filming as a way to grow your organization’s video library.

1. Focus on a few key types of videos.

As you build a […]

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Planned Giving Marketing—Research Shows Words that Work

The 2014 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning (NCPP) in Anaheim, California, the national event of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning had many fascinating presentations to improve planned giving marketing. […]

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Showcasing a Partnership in Video–A Video Example for Coalitions and Networks

The National Fish Habitat Partnership recently contracted us to create the second in their series of stream preservation videos. The result was an example of how video can both benefit from partnership and foster it—all in service of the goals […]

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