True. London phone boothThe new hot thing on YouTube is the Olympic Games! The 2012 Olympics have been dubbed the “Socialympics” for the extensive use of social media platforms to augment the viewer’s experience. YouTube is one of the sites the United States Olympic Committee will use the most; a representative told the the social media blog Mashable that they’d be posting 5-10 videos every day of the games. Content will include athlete’s back stories and coaching how-to videos from Olympic coaches. We took a look to see how they set up their YouTube channel and were quite interested to see this widget beneath every video:

It looks to us like the Olympic Committee had this widget especially designed for their channel; this function isn’t available if you’re not a YouTube partner, but every YouTube channel can make a priority of integrating YouTube with other social media and online channels.

And with that–go ahead and enjoy the Games!

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