Storytelling Interview Questions


Storytelling Interview Questions – How to Write Interview Questions

Are you looking for a way to take a fundraising campaign to the next level? Show how your work impacts real people’s lives? Honor a special award winner? You’re probably familiar with the benefits of storytelling. However, good storytelling depends on obtaining excellent material in a form […]

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Video advertising — Is it in your nonprofit marketing toolkit?


Video advertising combined with great stories

Video advertising is a tool that nonprofits should dare to think about. It’s especially helpful for reaching new audiences and getting viewers to sign up or donate to your organization. SCORE is doing it with their videos.

Is there a parallel at your organization?

Do you wonder why certain videos get so many more […]

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Video Library – How to Build Yours by Filming at the Office–5 Tips


Video Library – How to Grow Yours with Office-Based Filming

Here are 5 tips that will help you succeed with office-based video filming as a way to grow your organization’s video library.

1. Focus on a few key types of videos.

As you build a video library, it’s good practice to choose just 1 or 2 types of video to start. With this, […]

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Add a YouTube Donation Card to Your Video – 4 Easy Steps


How to add a YouTube Donation Card to your videos

A YouTube Donation Card is a new feature that enables viewers to donate to your 501c3 nonprofit from your YouTube videos. You can use Donation Cards to engage members, people who benefit from your programs, and supporters to help your cause. And, Google pays the credit card processing fee. This post […]

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Policy Videos Showcase Transportation in America’s Economy


Policy videos are part of a new trend in which policy makers complement the traditional “white paper” with multimedia content. Videos like this one share policy positions through personal stories, visually compelling perspectives, and engaging content for a broad range of audiences. It also gives government executives a powerful tool that they can share with members of […]

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Animated Video Gets Donors to Raise Hands for Planned Giving


Animated video is a useful planned giving tool

In 2015, the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) used this customizable, animated video from MiniMatters to reach their members via the web, email blasts and social media, and raise awareness around planned giving opportunities. In response, four donors raised their hands to make planned gifts.