Video Donation Cards – Tips for YouTube Fundraising

Video Donation Cards can be used to engage members, people who benefit from your programs, and supporters to help your cause. If you are aware of tips and strategies for using the Donation Cards on YouTube, they can be a fundraising game changer. This post will show you the benefits of YouTube Donation Cards, a sample and, most importantly, YouTube tips and strategies that will help you raise money using video donation cards.

Video Donation Cards can be a fundraising game changer

Video Donation Cards are a new type of YouTube card that are a really important feature for nonprofits that you should try. Benefits include:

  • Engaging your audiences for fundraising when your nonprofit is front and center in mind. With YouTube’s more than 1 billion users, the impact to your nonprofit could really add up.
  • With organized communications including through social media, you can engage your board, supporters, and others to donate and add YouTube Donation Cards to their own videos to promote your nonprofit even more.
  • The YouTube Donation Cards were designed for mobile and to operate smoothly there, whereas other clickable overlays for donations may not even appear on mobile.
  • It’s easy to add YouTube Donation Cards to your videos. In fact, once the Tourette Association of America saw the feature, they immediately began adding it to older videos.
  • Donations are processed through the well-recognized Network for Good that will also send donor receipts. And, as icing on the cake, Google will pay the processing fee so your nonprofit will receive 100 percent of the gift.

Example of YouTube Video Donation Cards for a 501c3: The Tourette Association of America

This compelling video with a video Donation Card was produced by MiniMatters during the Tourette Association of America national conference. The Donation Card teaser for “What it’s like to have Tourette – Mary tells her story” pops up about 10 seconds into the video.

YouTube tips and strategies for nonprofits using video Donation Cards

  • Leave enough space in your video design, especially on the right side, so the YouTube video Donation Cards don’t cover over other important content.
  • Add Donation Cards to videos that are already popular, ideally high quality ones showing the impact of your work on the lives of real people.
  • Create a campaign, contest, or other activity that explicitly lets your community know that you are using YouTube Donation Cards and point them to a reference (such as this post) that shows them how easy it is to add YouTube Donation cards to their own videos.
  • Organize an event where people can create videos and upload them on the spot, adding YouTube Donation Cards. Provide a printed reference of the key steps to do this.
  • Does one or more of your nonprofit’s leaders, members, or donors have a strong YouTube following? Reach out to them to invite them to add YouTube Donation Cards to their videos.

How to make YouTube Video Donation Cards for your video

Need step by step instructions? Click here for the 4 steps for making YouTube Video Donation Cards for the videos of your nonprofit organization (with pictures to guide you).

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