Testimonial Videos Are Short, Easy, and Authentic

2014 10 15 11.42.42 300x225 Testimonial Videos %pageTestimonial videos are usually simple, quick and inexpensive to create. Because they involve simply a person speaking straight to the camera, they can be filmed, edited and produced quickly. Many organizations choose to have us film testimonial videos at a national conference or event where many people are able to gather at once. We can interview participants for just 15 minutes each and gather video content that can last an organization an entire year.

Heartfelt testimonials from real members, customers, and stakeholders offer authenticity that can’t be matched. And we also find that the process helps people remember and articulate why they care about the organization.

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MiniMatters can help you with fundraising video, nonprofit video, or other video production needs.
We serve associations, foundations, nonprofits, and businesses primarily in Washington, DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia, but also in other areas of the country.

You can reach us at 301-339-0339 or videos@minimatters.com.

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