The bar constantly raises on the web, so keeping your site looking modern is a must. Trends that were stylish one day can become standard the next, making it easy to fall behind. One such trend is the website slider.

Website Sliders: What Are They?

Sliders are a web technology that allow content (usually images) to move across a frame on a web page. Sometimes they have buttons and others move automatically, but they tend to showcase images that “slide” from one side to another within the frame (thus the name). This blog has a simple slider just above the post. The purpose of a slider is twofold; for one, it saves space by organizing multiple pieces of content into a small frame. Secondly, a slider draws the eye with moving pictures and interactivity. Double Website Slider by Mark DearmanWebsite designer Mark Dearman’s website shows double sliders–when you click the > or the < in the black box, the small image will change as well. There are countless examples of sliders across the net, and the idea is still evolving in new ways. Some don’t even slide, but use transition effects to cycle through their content.

Website Sliders: What Do They Have to Do with Video?

Website sliders, of course, tap into the same phenomenon as video in that they present material on the screen that moves. They’re dynamic and eye-catching, just like video. And sliders can cycle stuff that isn’t images. Some pages are using sliders that queue audio on different images. Others still, and since we’re video producers we find this most intriguing, have been adding video to their sliders, a dynamic with loads of potential. SlideDeck is one great app for getting video sliders on a WordPress webpage. You can get a sense of what’s possible on their website here.SlideDeck image for website sliders With a video-enabled slider, you could potentially squeeze an entire website’s worth of information into a small frame on one page. And you’ll get loads of pay-offs from interactivity and attractiveness. The technology continues to evolve, and most sites are still using images only, but as time passes, don’t be surprised if more videos start showing up in those sliders. And if you get started creating your video, you’ll be ready when the time comes to refresh your website sliders and design. Although MiniMatters is half-Jewish, for practical reasons we’re going to skip blogging next week. See you on January 2, 2013, for a special series on pricing for video services–and happy holidays! If MiniMatters can help you with fundraising video, association video, or other video production needs, we’d love to talk with you at 301-339-0339 or via email at [email protected]. We serve associations, foundations, nonprofits, and businesses primarily in Washington, DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia.