It was MiniMatters’ pleasure recently to work with the Association Foundation Group (AFG)  to create a series of testimonial videos featuring members, a great option for growing an association’s video presence online. It’s an effective way to meet a number of goals, as we’ll explain below.

The top 5 reasons to use member testimonials

1. Member testimonials show an organization’s value. Associations face a constant challenge of showing their value to their members. Whatever your value proposition is, you need to repeatedly tell, show, and demonstrate what you’re doing for your members. Video testimonials provide a fresh way of doing this.

2. Member testimonials are effective. Third party validation is one of the more effective means of marketing. In addition, if you include a member testimonial from a member or institution your members will know and respect, they’re more likely to listen.

3. Member testimonials are relatively inexpensive. Your filming and editing costs will be minimal. You can even film several at once, as we did for the Association Foundation Group, if you have a member gathering and can build in some time for filming.

A row of three social media icons - google plus, YouTube and Facebook - and the next row with twitter, pinterest, and twitter4. Member testimonials are short and portable. While long videos have some popularity, the truth is that when in doubt it’s easier to hold your audience’s attention for a snappy video. Whether you’re posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, GooglePlus, or your organization’s website you can include the video without asking your audience to stay for a significant period of time.

5. Member testimonials provide a visual touchpoint. People like variety. Instead of sending them the same old print or online text, change it up a bit with video.

Member testimonials strengthen ties to your organization in a several ways

AFG it is a growing organization serving a unique niche – foundations who are counterparts to larger associations. One of AFG’s challenges is to demonstrate its value to individuals at all levels, from senior executives to relatively young professionals. The video below features Natalie Zundel, CFRE, from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Foundation. Through her membership in AFG, Natalie has learned a lot about foundation fundraising, but has also taken on leadership opportunities. In this video, she speaks directly to other younger professionals whose careers will benefit from AFG membership.

Natalie’s video will go live this spring, along with the testimonial videos of other members, and we expect it will tell a compelling story to members and prospective members, especially young professionals like herself. Being a part of the video also likely solidifies Natalie’s own sense of connection to AFG; telling her story of growth through membership undoubtedly helped her remember the details. She’s proud to be part of AFG, and she made AFG proud in her video.

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