Global development training videos can have wide and powerful impact. Having expertise in both global development and education, MiniMatters was gratified to be selected by Save the Children for a project to script, film and produce two global development training videos in both English and French for USAID’s PRO-WASH (Practices, Research and Operations in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Initiative.

The issue and training content to match

Building wells to provide access to safe drinking water has been a significant emphasis in global development in recent decades. However, recognition has grown that the quality of the water is also a critical issue. For example, if the water contains bacteria, has been contaminated by arsenic leaching in from the soil, or has inappropriate pH, people will become sick–the opposite intention of the well building. This is one of the issues PRO-WASH aims to address.

The video shown above, geared most directly to water quality testing staff of USAID’s in-country partners, focuses on proper techniques for taking a water sample. It models how to take a water sample through demonstration, including aspects such as packing supplies, negotiating access to the sampling area with a local landowner, sample techniques that help avoid contamination, and taking care of the samples before delivering them to a water testing lab. It also includes well-integrated animations to help with structure and to emphasize key points assist with their easy use in training and with diverse audiences.

A second video, also available on the FSN Network site (scroll down to Videos), demonstrates the value of a water quality testing lab by showing what takes place in a lab once the water samples arrive. It shows the role for such labs based on the more sophisticated testing they are able to perform.

Subject matter expertise and piloting of video drafts

Both of these videos were produced through a close collaboration with Save the Children’s subject matter experts in water quality. Further, to enhance effectiveness with the target audiences, early versions of these two videos were piloted in initial trainings. MiniMatters then refined the videos, and they have now been used for multiple trainings across a variety of countries.

Ways to use global development training videos

Global development training videos can be an effective tool within your overall training strategy:

  • Videos make easy and effective discussion starters within the context of a larger training.
  • As tight, concise learning pieces, videos can be used to break up longer webinar-based trainings.
  • Modeling a process or procedure via a video, as is done in this sample, is an effective educational technique, and the video may easily be referenced as needed by trainees following the training.
  • You can expand the impact of the training content to audiences beyond those who participated in the trainings by making the videos available on demand.

MiniMatters offers a wide variety of training videos and related services. Samples include this transportation training video, one of a series of 18 training videos to enhance training of transportation officials, and this diabetes care training video, one of many produced to educate primary care providers about the latest in diabetes treatments. Animated training videos include this Acceptance and Commitment Therapy video, part of a seven video set.

MiniMatters’ global development videos include this animated video about the importance of women entrepreneurs in developing countries, this fundraising video for international aid projects, and this international development project video.

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