An animated graduate school bequests video opens the door to conversations about this common form of planned giving.

Our client, the University of California Irvine School of Biological Sciences, also known as UCI BioSci, wanted videos customized to their audience of potential donors who are scientists. Our client particularly likes how this animated bequests video enables him to start conversations about this common but not especially exciting form of planned giving. Donors who open their email including the video, for example, receive a call asking if they enjoyed the video–and then the door is opened for a deeper conversation.

This video is part of a three video set for this one graduate school within a larger university system. The other videos focus on IRA charitable rollover donations and charitable gift annuities.

Customize graduate school planned giving videos for your audience

This video models how an animated video can be customized to a particular graduate school community of alumni, staff and other stakeholders. One can easily envision that nearly that same script could be used, with the illustration and animations (now microscopes, for example) adapted to, say, a law school, business school, medical school, etc.

Check out these other customized planned giving videos from the MiniMatter’s portfolio. Note how the personalities, brands, geographies, etc. of the schools are depicted in a customized way for each–with a slightly different story.

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