A Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Training Video explains how individual stories by diverse community-based partners can help identify and address broader trends and needs. This information, gathered through “Learning Diaries,” can then improve water and sanitation approaches in that community.

Produced for Save the Children, this Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Training Video explains what Learning Diaries are and how they’re used for program managers in lower-income countries such as Bangladesh. Through simple graphics, limited on-screen text, and a clear voiceover, the video explains the core components of Learning Diaries.

Learning Diaries are a useful information-gathering tool that systematizes the collection of stories and helps convert anecdotes to evidence. This evidence allows global development program managers to understand the daily experiences of targeted program beneficiaries and users. Then, these managers can create more effective on-the-ground methods to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene among those living in poverty.

How-to videos help aid program partners engage impacted communities

Videos like this one help global development experts to:

  • aid partners in learning effective techniques for community input and engagement,
  • provide visuals that are tailored to the country in which they’re working, and
  • provide a short, concise video that is suitable for sharing on social media, as well as formal trainings.

Other videos produced by MiniMatters include these International Development Videos, this Women Entrepreneurship Video, and this Text-to-Give Video. To explore how video could help you achieve your training goals, request an estimate. Our team of experts are here to help you succeed!

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