A QCD Fundraising Video shows retirement-aged donors how to support your organization in a smart way with Qualified Charitable Distributions from their IRAs.

The Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health markets several gift planning methods. However, they wanted to do this in a way that better reflected their mission, rather than only the technical aspects of the gifts. They therefore reached out to MiniMatters and asked us to produce a set of three animated videos on the topics of QCDs, bequests and beneficiary designations.

Each of their videos does show the “how” of the gifts, but with the added benefit of inspiring stories related to Stanford Children’s Hospital, the hospital the Foundation supports.

How QCD videos could enhance your fundraising

QCDs are a type of gift especially suited to marketing outreach. This video makes the case that this is a smart gift and appeals to smart donors.

If your organization wants to market QCDs, you could, for instance, have MiniMatters script and design a similar video, but aligned with your own branding and story. By doing this and using the video effectively in your various marketing channels, you would then establish a foundation of awareness of QCDs among potential donors who are eligible or soon to be eligible to make this type of gift.

Gift Planning Videos as a set

Through minor changes of characters and at reasonable cost, MiniMatters can produce videos spotlighting the various gift planning vehicles your organization wants to market and even focus on specific, high-priority audiences.

Samples include this University of Maryland – Baltimore – Bequests Animated Video, this Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) Animated Video and this UCI BioSci Graduate School Bequests Video.

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