A thank you video for immunization workers recognizes all the valuable work they’ve been doing – often at great personal sacrifice – to help their communities be safer and healthier places during the pandemic.

Our client, the Association of Immunization Managers, wanted an engaging way to thank vaccination managers and program staff around the country. They also wanted to bring in the voices of prominent, national figures such as CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, Nancy Messonnier, and Gabrielle Union to thank public health workers. To achieve these goals, MiniMatters produced this video that thanks public health vaccination workers for all the valuable work they’ve been doing during the pandemic. These individuals have done so with great personal sacrifice and, as a result, have helped their communities to be safer and healthier.

Video conveys your gratitude for medical teams and healthcare workers

A thank you video for immunization workers, like this example, can accomplish multiple goals, such as:

  • providing a way to thank healthcare workers,
  • integrating the voices of prominent individuals, and
  • creating a compelling narrative through a carefully scripted voiceover.

How can video help you achieve health and medical communications goals?

MiniMatters produces professional videos for the wide-ranging needs of health and medical organizations.

  • This Medicaid video shows the positive impact of federal funding on the health of low-income individuals and the gratitude these individuals express.
  • This mentorship program video celebrates women in the field of Infectious Disease and the important role that mentors play.
  • These vaccination campaign videos show healthcare workers in the field, helping to vaccinate individuals who may not have easy access to in-person care.

Whether you want to thank healthcare workers on the COVID-19 pandemic’s front lines, need continuing education course videos, or have other medical and health communications needs, submit an estimate to explore how MiniMatters can help you.

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