A Medicaid Video, featuring stories of the program helping real people, demonstrates the value of a crucial healthcare program.

This Medicaid Video, produced for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, serves a public-education role in showing the value of Medicaid, a federally-funded program that assists low-income individuals with a myriad of health care needs. We personalized Medicaid by showing how it’s a lifeline to people across the country during critical junctions in their lives. The video complements the healthcare stories on the website https://thatsmedicaid.org/.

This one-minute video features six short vignettes showing diversity in the recipients and how Medicaid helped them. We then placed them within a U.S. map to show the broad geographic impact of the program.

Video to showcase your program’s impacts

If you’re looking for a way to show others your program’s value to those you serve, consider a storytelling video like this Medicaid Video example. MiniMatters video professionals can:

  1. work with you to collect stories from people using MiniMatters’ High-Definition recording platform, Zoom, or other methods. Then MiniMatters can weave them together in a beautiful cohesive way;
  2. design custom graphics to suit your messaging – such as we did here by putting photos of real Medicaid beneficiaries in each state; and
  3. help you employ the power of storytelling to personalize policies and show how they affect people in real life.

MiniMatters has created a wealth of story videos, including personalized storytelling, health equity, anniversary video, and more! Request an Estimate to explore how MiniMatters can help you and your program shine.

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