A Virtual Awards Video enables your organization to appreciate your award winners.

With so many events going virtual or hybrid, it’s likely that the awards ceremonies that are part of your conference or event are going to need to be held virtually. So that they are special and indeed honor those important awardees, it’s a good idea to put some care into the production.

For these Distinguished Service Awards for the National Capital Gift Planning Council, the awards committee chairs and MiniMatters collaborated to bring together and film not only the awardees and their speeches, but some surprise testimonials from people who could attest to the winners’ contributions from different perspectives.

This virtual awards video includes:

  • an explanation of the award criteria from one of the committee chairs;
  • presentation of two awards;
  • six testimonials; and
  • a wrap up from one of the chairs encouraging nominations for the next year’s awards.

Virtual awards videos are versatile. They can also be featured on your website, social media, and other marketing channels, reaching those who couldn’t attend the event. Virtually-filmed videos can also be shown at an in-person event!

MiniMatters’ High Quality Virtual Recording Platform

As you consider a virtual awards program, check out our blog with lots of helpful tips on How to Use YouTube Premiere for Virtual Events. And for other virtually-filmed videos and event ideas, browse our portfolio. For example, this YouTube Premiere Virtual Event Video was for a longer program.

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