Striving to communicate what you do, who you are, and the change you create through video? Here are six ways to use video that will inspire your new ideas.

With video, you can:

1. Launch your new project or product

  • We produced the Whiteboard Animation video below for Yale School of Medicine to publicize an innovative approach to medicine called Patient Priorities Care. The video unites a great story with clear explanation, accurate medical content, and engaging whiteboard animation.

2. Drive attendance to your event

  • This conference promo video includes testimonials from patients about how attending the event improved their lives. Experts in the field share their cutting-edge research, and people meet and develop relationships, helping them collaborate long after the meeting ends. Show your prospective attendees how they will benefit and lead them to the registration button.

3. Teach viewers how to do something

  • how-to video adapted to your content attracts new viewers. Demonstrate your unique expertise to gain recognition in your field–and views on your YouTube Channel.

4. Show donors the results of, and need for, their gifts

  • This fundraising video, featuring a Nobel prize winner, gives validation to a fantastic program. It invites past and potential donors to see how the program works and the impact of their generosity. Encourage giving by bringing your stakeholders along on the journey.

5. Simplify something complicated

  • A doctor uses this medically accurate animation to explain immunotherapy and other complex medical material. Actors stand in for a patient and his spouse, helping to convey a real couple’s story and questions. When it’s important for your audience to understand key content and feel comfortable, consider creative and effective ways to use video to communicate what’s needed.

6. Promote your videos for more engagement

  • This brief YouTube playlist intro video recommends curated videos to viewers. A companion outro video closes the series and invites viewers to explore more. Show viewers why you created your playlist and how it can help them. Put your personality into it to strengthen your brand.

Need other specialized video production or marketing ideas?

In the past year, MiniMatters also:

  • Worked on animated policy videos for a large Federal agency;
  • Produced over 400 videos in American Sign Language;
  • Managed the American Small Business Championship, an online contest sponsored by SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors; and
  • Helped numerous associations and nonprofits share their missions–and more!

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