owners of MiniMatters, video producers extraordinaireTrue/False Friday is suspended for today so that we can take a step back and write about what we’re doing here. We started this blog on April 3, 2012, and we’ve been thrilled with how it’s developed. Here are the top ten things we are hoping we will accomplish with it:
  1. To be really useful to our readers. Beyond promoting MiniMatters’ services and expertise, we want to provide a little extra service through useful information.
  2. To explore the influence and power of video in 2012 and the future, especially marketing video, fundraising video, and membership video.
  3. To give real examples of the uses of video so that readers can envision using video in a similar manner.
  4. To share tips and tricks for preparing to add video to an organization’s media strategy.
  5. To provide a taste of MiniMatters Video + Strategy services.
  6. To share our observations of problem-solving with video.
  7. To further our relationship with clients, potential clients, partners, potential partners, and others by sharing our authentic voice and point of view.
  8. To solicit feedback on our thinking about all the subjects we write about in the form of blog comments, Facebook comments, and Twitter comments.
  9. To share our impressions of the social media culture that provides the context for so much video strategy.
  10. To have fun and provide material that’s fun to read too.
Some of the topics you’ll see on the MiniMatters blog are real examples of associations, foundations and businesses using video to address their key issues, our take on key report findings related to online video, online tools connected with video and social media, great tools that improve the visual dynamism of your media strategy, and more. We watch YouTube’s profile like a pair of hawks and frequently share information relating to setting up a YouTube channel. We hope you’ll check back often or subscribe. Of course, we also want you to be impressed so that you’ll be interested in MiniMatters service and expertise, too. Give us a call. If MiniMatters can serve your video needs, we’d love to talk with you at 301-339-0339 or via email at [email protected].