False. There has been a bit of buzz around the recent news that the new iPhone Operating System (iOS6) expected to launch in September won’t have a YouTube app included. The original license agreement between Google, which owns YouTube, and Apple is settled, and many are wondering why the move was made, since a YouTube app has always come standard with iPhones. The Titans of the digital world don’t always get along. However, iPhone users will still be able to access YouTube content by visiting the site through their browsers, or by downloading a YouTube app. It’s a small difference from having a pre-loaded app. This extra bit of work aside, we suspect a lot of people will still be accessing YouTube on their iPhones or viewing online video by other means. Given the growing power of smart phones to provide a smooth video viewing experience, video is also growing as a powerful way to share your messages in our increasingly mobile world. If MiniMatters can help you use this tip or serve your other video needs, we’d love to talk with you at 301-339-0339 or via email at [email protected].