Video production is the product of collaboration and teamwork.

Video production is an involved process, and a video like this one shows how teamwork underlies good video. The only voice you hear in this video we helped produce for the American Chemical Society (ACS) is John Wiesenfeld’s, a fact that masks the extensive collaboration and coordination that resulted in its creation. To produce this video and the others in a six-video fundraising series, MiniMatters collaborated with the ACS development department as well as ACS’s digital services department.  In this way, ACS was able to make use of their in-house filming capacity as well as MiniMatters’ expertise in video production, distribution, and fundraising videos. Upon reflection now that the videos are done, we realize some positive things that made it work:
  1. We all worked together on a plan in which everyone knew their roles and the stages of the video production and distribution process we would be involved in.
  2. We approached the project as a chance to build a relationship, not solely to produce some videos.
  3. We followed our plan, but not slavishly. Mutual respect and flexible arrangements made it possible to pitch in in ways both technical and strategic.
Not only are the six fundraising videos succeeding in raising the profile of planned giving and philanthropy within ACS, but the process of making them has enhanced all of our skills in video making and distribution. Whether an association produces videos in-house or by engaging one or more departments with a professional production company like MiniMatters, different perspectives and skills coalescing into a shared vision generates coherent, effective videos.  Your organization’s videos will always benefit from a well-managed collaboration that includes complementary perspectives and talents. When everybody involved shares a vision, everyone—from your staff to your beneficiaries to your intended audience such as donors—can tell. If MiniMatters can help you use this tip or serve your other video needs, we’d love to talk with you at 301-339-0339 or via email at [email protected].