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April 2012

True/False Friday: Those polka dots look great on you!

OK, this one’s true, certainly, but it’s also false. That is, they may look great in person and in the mirror, but they don’t look good on camera. Polka dots, stripes, checks, and outlandish colors are all on our video shooting day “don’ts” list. While you should definitely exude a confident attitude, please leave the […]

True/False Friday: The kids think they know it all about Web video.

Utterly false. The amazing Lois Lipman’s wonderful students at the University of Maryland showed us on Wednesday how wrong it is to think that young people, those “digital natives,” know everything about Web video…or even think they do.

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Tip Tuesday: Take a look at how organizations like yours are using online video.

Our readers from associations may find it particularly interesting to take a look at this Web site for the National Association of Broadcasters conference, which is happening this week. The theme of the conference is the Great Content Shift—consumers’ demand for […]

True/False Friday: You’re probably using video in all the ways that make sense

It’s certainly possible that this is true, but are you sure? Video is a powerful tool, and organizations are realizing more and more potential for its use. We were struck by the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media’s study linked here of seasoned marketing professionals, which describes a fairly wide range […]

Tip Tuesday: Make a good YouTube Channel

It might seem redundant to invest time in making your YouTube channel fancy when you already show your videos on your Web site.  Or, maybe Vimeo is your online video platform of choice.  Why put extra time into YouTube? Here are just three reasons:

  • Google is YouTube’s corporate big daddy, and Google seems to […]