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July 2013

Association Foundations: Two Ways to Bring Clarity and Inspiration

The charitable and educational arms of an association—association foundations—face special challenges such  as:  How do you make sure your members know that the foundation exists and understand its mission? What types of fundraising will speak to them? How can the foundation collaborate better with the association, building on the strengths and special characteristics of each?

There are […]

PowerPoint and Video—Using Video to Improve Presentations, Part 1

PowerPoint has been blamed for oversimplifying presentations, because it’s designed for short bullet points. Yet if you combine PowerPoint and video you may fall in love with the 20-year-old program all over again.

Here’s how to add video to PowerPoint:

PPT icons PowerPoint and Video   Using Video to Improve Presentations, Part 1 %page

If your slide template gives you the […]

Animated Words Videos Are Great for Video Storytelling

If you’re on our email list then you may have already seen this animated words video, which accompanied an announcement that we’re offering free 15-minute video consultations in July:

[brightcove videoID=2498939288001 playerID=1731208550001 height=270 width=480]

The consultations will help your organization get started on video by covering such things as the types of videos best suited to your […]