A Heritage Month Video shows your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion commitment in action.

One way to draw attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts and commitment is to create dynamic visuals that support your organization’s initiatives. There are many natural opportunities for doing this throughout the year—including:

  • February – Black History Month
  • March – Women’s History Month
  • May – Asian Pacific Heritage Month
  • June – LGBTQ Pride Month
  • September 15-October 15 – National Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October – National Disability Employment Awareness Month
  • November – National Adoption Awareness Month
  • November – American Indian Heritage Month

Of course, people appreciate—and need—visibility of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts throughout the year, so do not limit your creative video ideas around DEI to these months.

This simple to produce video from the American Chemical Society involved no filming, and combined historical photos of Black chemists with photos, background information and quotes from current leading-edge Black chemists who are members of the Society—along with some fresh looking animation.

A Heritage Month Video shows your organization’s DEI initiatives in action.

MiniMatters has produced heritage month videos for other organizations as well. Another popular format is virtually filmed testimonials that communicate inspirational paths forward in a profession, the role of mentors, and even appeals for funding for scholarships that support rising minorities in the field.

Videos like these can be used on websites, in advocacy and marketing campaigns, featured in social media, and shown at your events.

If your organization has a story to share, MiniMatters can produce beautiful, professional videos for your communication campaigns. Just request an estimate; we’re here to help you and your organization succeed.

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