Improved Quality and a Cool Video App Are Great Reasons to Create a Video on Your Phone

2020-04-08T22:14:12-04:00November 19th, 2013|Video and Social Media|

It seems like just about everybody that has an iPhone has made a video with it, and a good portion of Android users, too. But not quite as many people have tried editing their videos. It’s great fun to edit […]

True/False Friday: YouTube will no longer have a presence on iPhones.

2017-01-23T14:07:16-05:00August 24th, 2012|Featured, True/False Friday, Uncategorized|

False. There has been a bit of buzz around the recent news that the new iPhone Operating System (iOS6) expected to launch in September won’t have a YouTube app included. The original license agreement between Google, which owns YouTube, and Apple […]
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