About MiniMatters

MiniMatters is a video production and marketing company that provides compelling video production as well as marketing services to help you to get the most from your video investments. Clients have called us things like agile, smart, great at keeping them to a schedule (in a positive way), professional, knowledgeable, fun, cost-competitive, great partners, and friends.

As a company, we are led by co-founders Barbara Haupt and Elissa Leif, with project manager Janet Fox, who are joined by professionals such as producers, filmers, editors, animators, designers, writers, and all around support as needed for each project.

Videos that Matter

white video play button encircled by green grassy wildflowers

MiniMatters works with national associations, foundations, and nonprofits; fundraising and communications firms; universities, hospitals and major research institutions; private businesses; and prime contractors to government agencies.

The name “MiniMatters” embodies our goal of creating short videos about things that “matter.” MiniMatters pursues video production and marketing opportunities in fields such as health, gender equity, education, sustainable development and community strengthening that help to make the world a better place.

We consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts and foster the small business ecosystem, including its diverse businesses and individuals. Via the 2024 WBENC Sustainability Accelerator program, MiniMatters will formalize our ESG program by January 2025.


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