A Brand Video builds a memorable connection with your story.

MiniMatters produced this Brand Video for Blue Star Families, an organization that empowers military families by connecting them with civilian neighbors and advocating for their needs.

Blue Star Families wanted to communicate its “approachable” brand. However, at the same time, the organization wanted to convey the results of its annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey.

The brand video MiniMatters created blends the sharing of survey data with brand-enhancing techniques. For instance:

  • With historical footage setting the stage, viewers see the positioning and significance of Blue Star Families within the history of the U.S. military.
  • The video highlights the annual military lifestyle survey reports as a core activity of the organization.
  • Footage and photos of activities involving chapters and key partnerships balance out the picture
  • A youthful narrator, befitting an organization serving many millennial families, tells the story with a consistent and appealing voice.
  • Custom animated graphics bring the star and stripes of the logo into various scenes, visually representing the brand throughout the video.
  • Footage and photos including the logo, such as on t-shirts and signs, add to the brand recognition and its demonstrated presence in the community.

When something triggers a memory of this video, viewers are likely to remember Blue Star Families.

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