A Scientific Society Video can highlight positive points about the society, encouraging submissions to society publications as well as membership.

Through a project with AIP Publishing, MiniMatters created animated scientific society videos for six different scientific societies, all publishing partners of AIP Publishing. By promoting the benefits of society membership with a special focus on publications and publications submission, the videos met mutual needs of AIP Publishing and the societies.

To produce the videos cost-effectively, MiniMatters created a script and animated video template that could be refined for each of the six scientific societies in collaboration with their teams. The template allowed for adjustments for each society’s branding including colors and logo, taglines, and even conference names. It also incorporated other special features, such as the highlighting of each society’s key academic publications, including both cover designs and noteworthy articles, as well as photos of members and events. To add even more personalization, we included testimonial quotes specific to each society based on member scientist comments.

The Society of Rheology is the scientific society focused on the science of deformation and flow of matter, and you can see the ways the video is customized to their colors, logo, banner at the close with their tagline “Everything Flows” and the representation of their members with photos, quotes and more. With these videos, the societies are well-equipped to promote publications and membership. And stronger scientific societies, lead to stronger publications, also benefitting AIP Publishing.

Does your organization serve multiple sub-groups, chapters or programs?

Umbrella organizations with regional and/or state chapters as well as societies and organizations with distinct programs can benefit from a cost-effective video template approach that allows for customization, while still maintaining group cohesion. Videos like these can be included in presentations, as well as featured on your website, YouTube channel, and in other social media and marketing campaigns.

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