National Disability Employment Awareness Month is a perfect time to share this American Sign Language (ASL) video. MiniMatters produced this ASL “picture in picture” interpretation in partnership with Concepts, Inc.

Videos like this one raise awareness about the value individuals who are disabled bring to the workplace. Through this video, we helped our client demonstrate its commitment to making its message more widely accessible. As a result, people who are Deaf or hard of hearing can appreciate the messages conveyed in this and several related videos in The Campaign for Disability Employment.

Videos with ASL demonstrate your goal to be more inclusive

ASL videos like this one make videos more widely accessible. These videos can be produced after the main video is completed, and MiniMatters will then edit the ASL video into the main video using a “picture-in-picture” editing process.

In addition, MiniMatters’ professional video production team has created hundreds of videos including ASL signed by professional interpreters who are Deaf. As a result, we can guide you from your initial video ideas and provide ways to design for accessibility from the get-go.

Other video examples focusing on disability employment awareness include this 30-Second Commercial and this Inclusion Camp Video. And for more about our expertise in producing videos in ASL, check out our ASL Video Services page.

Let’s explore your specific communication needs and how MiniMatters can help you build accessibility features to be more inclusive. Submit an Estimate. We’re here to help you succeed!

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