A Virtually-Filmed Donor Video gives your donors the opportunity to be filmed in a location meaningful to them, which can be a very positive experience.

The National Academy of Sciences wanted to showcase and thank several key donors at their donor reception. Using our customizable, high-quality virtual recording platform, MiniMatters worked closely with donor Gail Blout to film this nice shot on Cuttyhunk Island, MA, which you can see in the backdrop to her shot. Through a pre-recording call, we worked together on lighting that enabled the scenery to come through. It was her first time being filmed this way–a new and positive experience.

The video was one of three virtually-filmed donor videos on the topic “Why I Give” shown during the reception. Her call to action to “ask questions, seek answers” reflects precisely the scientific approach of the group and her audience. She also encourages people to become a member of one of the NAS giving societies which the NAS is currently promoting to the membership.

Would you or your donors prefer a high-quality virtual filming option? Browse our portfolio to see samples of our virtual filming, planned giving, and other videos. Then, let’s explore the possibilities to best suit you and your donors. Request your estimate today.

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