This Tax Policy Video explains clearly how an important, but sometimes hard-to-understand, part of the tax code affects real estate. By explaining “1031 Exchanges,” this video helps policy makers understand the real-world impact of changing it.

Tax policy and laws are complicated. To keep their stakeholders informed, our client, Hamilton Zanze Real Estate Investments, needed to way to explain what 1031 Exchanges are and how they work. It also needed to share its view of the impacts of proposed changes to this tax policy. This tax policy explainer and advocacy video:

  • Defines the Section 1031 tax policy and its history using clear language, engaging animation, and an authoritative voiceover;
  • Describes proposed changes to the policy;
  • Explains how the proposed changes would have unintended negative impacts; and
  • Advocates for retaining the existing policy and calls viewers to action to request more information and share the video.

Could a Policy Video Support Your Advocacy Goals?

Whether advocating about a proposed public policy change, or helping your members understand newly-enacted policies, a carefully produced animated video just might be your answer. MiniMatters has produced various public policy videos, including this Transit Signal Priority Video and this series of Agricultural Policy Videos.

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